MacBook Pro mouse lag

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Suddenly my macbook's mouse started lagging and jumping all over the screen. For a second I would see it where I expected it to be then when I moved the mouse (or trackpad) the cursor would teleport to some weird part of one my screens. This is really annoying and it actually hinders you from getting anything done on the computer. After some research on the apple forums I saw that people have been complaining about this for ages (since 2012). The problem only happens if you have an external monitor connected. And event then it doesn't happen all the time. I use a separate macbook at work connected to an external monitor and I have had no issues there but at home my mouse is erratic. I've read that people have found different solutions that make the problem go away, some of them even looked like superstitions like unplug the USB mouse, count to 10, switch of the left monitor, replug the mouse, switch the monitor back on and bam! it works no more lag. What worked for my was to change the monitor refresh rate from 60 to 60. Yes that's not a typo, there are 2 60's in the drop down.

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the second 60 is the charm. Computers are weird some times.

update: This kept working until the monitors went to sleep for the night. In the morning the lag and jumping was back and changing the refresh rate didn’t fix things this time. I’ve tried lowering the resolution on the monitors and the jumping was gone.

update 2: so after disconnecting and reconnecting the issue appeared again. So the ultimate cure is to change the resolution after connecting the monitors. And I thought linux had multi monitor issues!


First published on 2015-09-04

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