Seattle flyback

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So we were invited to fly out to Seattle to check out the city. The trip from Pittsburgh is a relatively long one. Pittsburgh to NY is a 1 hour flight, a 2 hour layout over at JFK, then a 6.5 hour flight to Seattle, only to be greeted by rainy weather. Well what can you do, I guess this is how Seattle is like. We stayed at a corporate housing facility at 1201 Mercer Street and it was quite good. They had everything you could possibly need in the room, from a tumble dryer to a coffee maker. So the first day I got soaking wet strolling around in the city. I took a walk from the apartment to the Seattle Centre going down Mercer street to 5th Ave visiting the Bill And Melinda Gates foundation building, then going down 5th by the Space Needle to Denny Way to the Pacific Science Centre. I thought I'd pay that place a visit but it turned out to be a place for kids so I didn’t want to spend 30$ on that and decided to walk back to the room, as I was a bit under the weather and still feeling tired from the trip the other day. We had some donuts at the Toppot donuts place and headed out to a cocktail. Then we had some good sushi at a place called Japonessa on 1st Ave.

The next day we were at Pike Place Marker which is a huge farmers market and some other shops. Mostly small local businesses. Interesting shops were a chocolate shop which make genuine chocolate and a hot pepper shop which makes hot chili sauce. The most chili one is made from scorpion pepper extract which I dare not taste. The sauces were expensive, 20$ for about 5 cl of extract. We stopped by the Pike brewery to grab some beer then headed back.

A donut place in Pike Place market

We also got to see the first Starbucks shop, which had a long line in front of it with people wanting to drink some coffee there.

*image lost*

We headed back to the Space Needle after the market place visit, but the weather was cloudy and rainy so we didn't go up. The people who did go up said it wasn't worth it anyway because of the clouds. From the Space Needle we headed to a neighborhood called Ballard and had lunch at a place called Kiss Cafe. Great soup and sandwiches. We strolled around for a bit and sat at a Starbucks and then headed back to 1 Ave for a dinner at an Italian place called Bellini's.

Seattle looks like a great place, but the weather is rainy and gray 80% of the year.


First published on 2015-10-15

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