Tracking hydration (for free)

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Lately I've been into calorie counting and water consumption tracking. I'm using the MyNetDiary app for calorie tracking but I haven't been able to find a free app that's good for water tracking. I tried the app DrinkWaterReminder which has a weird UI and takes some time to understand how to use such a simple app. I also hate that it constantly nags you to upgrade and displays ads (both in-app and fullscreen).

Instead of using a crappy app to track water, I wanted to use the built-in health app but it's not practical to launch the app, find the water component, press add data, input data and save. That's a lot of steps. This is where the ShortCuts app comes in very handy. I found a shortcut called "Log water" (or found it in the gallery, I don't recall exactly as I had been playing around with this a long time ago) and modified it to show the sizes of the glasses I use the most. Then I added the shortcut to my home screen, and that's it. I still use the app I mentioned to get the push notifications to remind me to drink, but at least I'm not seeing any ads. I could replace this with a push notification app (like PushOver) and a cron that sends the notification but no need for that now.


First published on 2021-01-23

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