My MacBook pro just died

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I got a macbook pro from work around 2 years ago. It was the replacement for the first macbook pro they gave me which was not the correct specs. The new one was a monster: Core i9 with 32gb RAM and 1tb disk space. Unfortunately it had the touchbar and the crappy keyboard that feels okay to type on but is just super unreliable. It has been my daily driver in conjunction with my iMac ever since, spending countless CPU cycles on compiling objective c and swift code.

This morning I stopped at a Safeway to get some groceries and also picked up a bottle of sparkling flavored water. I put the bottle in my bag, went home then went to the office. I opened the bottle at my desk and it squirted everywhere including all over my laptop's keyboard and me. I got some paper towels and dried it up and everything seemed to be working fine, computer still alive - phew. I did my daily stuff and then packed it back in my bag, started driving to pick up my kid. After we got home I put a half full water bottle that was sealed properly in my bag and went inside. As soon as I got inside I set my bag on the chair and took out the water bottle and put it somewhere else. Then we had dinner, etc. A totally ordinary evening. After my kid went to sleep I thought I’d get some work done so I went to take out my laptop and realized the chair was wet. It looked like water had leaked from the bag and got the chair wet. I was surprised at how that could have happened but didn't dwell on it and got my computer and went upstairs. I plugged my screens in the usb-c ports and opened the lid. The screens turned on and I tried to enter my password but some of the keys didn’t register. Crappy butterfly keyboard I thought and tried again. No luck. I also realized some shadows on the screen but I had just upgraded to Monterey and thought it was part of the new wallpaper. I wanted to use the trackpad to click on something but it wasn’t clickable. At this point I noticed water leaking out from in between the keys and that what I saw on the screen were not shadows but water. The more I pressed the more water came out. Then I heard a hissing sound coming from the side vents. I was scared something was wrong with the battery, but that wasn’t very likely. The hissing went on for a few seconds and then the computer shut itself off. And I think it was for good, as it has not responded to any of my power on attempts. There was still some water coming out of the chassis after it had been off for 10 minutes.

I don’t miraculously expect it to come back to life so I started setting up an environment on my old macbook. I’m still puzzled how so much water could have come out of the computer. I checked the bottle I had in the bag that I took out and it was still half full so I don't think it's that. My best guess is that the accident from the morning leaked when I put the computer vertically in the bag. Or maybe it's ghosts?


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First published on 2021-11-08

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