Hexarategy: Discovering enemy units and planets

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At first I though that the game could be a game of perfect information where you know where all the planets are and where your enemies are based. But then first I made the planets invisible so you have to explore around to find planets to colonize. Then I though well I’ll also make the enemies invisible until you scan them. The procedure is quite simple: Every ship and planet has a set property called exploredBy. When creating the units you add yourself to the set. Then during the Update() call of every ship in transit you scan the neighboring cells with a radius of N and if there is anything on that cell you add yourself to their explored list and make them visible. Setting a sight line of 1 is okay for planets but could be dangerous for enemy ships as you would end up right in the middle if you go the max distance. So setting this to 2 or 3 is going to better I guess. But this is also a tactical choice: Do you spend all your power on the engines and have nothing attack/defense when you end up in the attacking range of an enemy ship, or do you travel less but have your guard up?

Here is the new stuff in action on a very small map for testing purposes



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First published on 2017-12-24

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